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  Welcome to Lien Clinic  
  Welcome to Lien Clinic for Women at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore. It is situated in the heart of the city at Orchard Road, in conjunction with Mount Elizabeth Hospital, the most famous private hospital in Singapore. This site is designed to assist you in any queries you may have concerning women's health.

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Termination of Unplanned Pregnancy
Our clinic is licensed for legal termination of pregnancy. The procedure is painless. It is done under sedation and is safe. Abortion procedures takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Patients rest in the recovery room for about 2 hours and back to normal.
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Every sexual intercourse has the chance of resulting in a pregnancy. That is fine if you are ready to be parents and want to have a child. If not, you should not take chances but practice contraception. There are many contraceptive methods in use today.
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We provide the following services:
• Minimally Invasive Surgery
• Women's Health Screening
• Other Gynae Conditions
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